Septic Service and Installation
We install everything from a simple holding tank to an advanced treatment system and everything in between.  Supply us with your engineered design and ask us for a quote.

Septic Service and Repair
Whether you need a sanitary tee or an advanced treatment system component replaced, we can do so at a fair and reasonable price.
System Locating and Mapping
Certain counties are now updating or creating records of all septic systems. If your county has sent you a letter asking you to get your septic on the up and up, we are step one. We will locate your system, dig up each access point including the distribution point to the leach field and create a scaled map survey of your system for your county, we can also inspect the system at that time. 

Maintenance Contracts/Operating Permits
The purpose of an advanced treatment systems is to put a better quality effluent back into the ground on your property so that your well or your neighbor’s wells are no longer tainted by your biological waste. Maintaining these systems benefits your physical and financial wellbeing. Advanced treatment systems will not work indefinitely without maintenance and they are very expensive to replace once failed. 
Do not trust a company that offers a flat rate for maintenance, every system is different and our maintenance cost will be based on what actually needs to be done to properly maintain the system that you actually have.

Inspections/Use Permits
A Use Permit Inspection is required at the time of a sale of a property and it is traditionally performed by a pumper and paid for by the seller.  We at Morgan Rooter Service know from experience that this set up is a conflict of interest.  We will only perform Use Permit Inspections paid for by the buyers, after the sellers have paid for a pumping.  Caveat Emptor!  Buyers who have the sellers pay for Use Permit Inspections all too often get exactly what they pay for.